Rolling Ball Sculpture for sale

Buy Rolling Ball Sculpture for sale here. I have THREE available RBS right now.

Your search for “kinematic” art ends here. You have arrived. The motorized lift keeps an RBS always in motion. Watch as the balls negotiate different gravity elements and roll along the two rail paths from the top down to the bottom. Mesmerizing, thought provoking, and fun, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Kinetic + Automatic = Kinematic.

Right now I do not have any projects for immediate sale. Commission something instead.

“As a man who appreciates both art and technology, I am thoroughly impressed by the intricate and captivating designs of rolling ball sculptures. These kinetic masterpieces bring together the beauty of fluid motion and the precision of engineering to create a truly unique and mesmerizing display. Whether it’s the smooth, rolling movements of the steel balls or the intricate paths and obstacles that guide their journey, there’s something undeniably fascinating about these sculptures. I can easily lose myself for hours, simply watching the balls glide and tumble through the sculpture, caught up in the magic of their motion.” -Ed, South Carolina