Rolling Ball Sculpture Elements

Rolling Ball Sculpture elements you can choose for your Kinetic art project
I’ll be adding video links as I get them, check back for more

Here is a list of the possible Rolling Ball Sculpture elements I can include in your piece of kinetic art. This list is not exhaustive – if you see something you like on another RBS please let me know, I can build anything Rolling Ball Sculpture into your art piece.

Chain lift:
This lift is a continuous chain with marble pickups spaced out to pick up a marble at the bottom and release at the top. Advantage is you can group pickups for action that is not the same rhythm or timing.
See VIDEO Here

Helical lift:
A tall coil that spins around and raises the marbles to the top, like an Archimedes screw. This type is more elegant than the chain lift, but the release of the marbles is always the same
See VIDEO Here

Tipping arm:
Marble enters arm from upper track and drops it to lower track and then returns to its previous resting position waiting for next marble; can be made to handle multiple marbles
See VIDEO Here

Multiple Ball Track switch:
This tipping arm can collect 2 or more marbles and tip to release them on to multiple tracks. This can be used as an alternate to a track switch

Flat Spiral:
A flat coil of track where the Marble enters from the outside and spins around until it exits at the center.
Can handle one or more marbles at the same time
See VIDEO Here

Loop d’ Loops:
Probably the coolest element on an RBS, the track goes upside down for several loops, up to 10 in a row and usually exits upside down with the spin of the marble slowing itself on the exit.
See VIDEO Here
(Fast track option)

Track Switch:
This standard elment takes one path and turns it into two. Buy chaining several together you get multiple tracks on your RBS
See VIDEO Here

Marbles on Track:
A line of stationary marbles on the track gets hit by a moving marble. The incoming marble stops and the end marble of the stationary line gets shot into play

Horizontal Zig-Zag:
A tight zig-zag track that slows the marble down by 66% and the marble quickly zig-zags down this path. Fun to watch and keeps the marble action going for longer
See VIDEO Here

Vertical Zig-Zag:
This zig-zag drops the marble down through enclosed zig-zag tracks. Fun to watch and fun to listen to as it makes a cool tinkling sound as the marble falls.
(Fast track option)

Tall Skinny Coil:
This fun element is a coil that spins the marble very quickly as it rides inside the coil – making the marble a blur as it descends. The marble can exit with a couple options
(Fast track option)

Wavy Track:
A track with a series of ups and downs, whereas the track will have hills and valleys. The marble seems to bounce around as it rolls across these hills and valleys. Can be any length and can be made to have little hills or longer, more gentle hills – several different options here

Teeter-Totter catch and release:
A teeter-totter where the marble rolls over it and tips the far end down, it then releases a caught marble, then the marble that just rolled over becomes caught itself, waiting for the next marble to roll over the teeter-totter and release it

Large Track Dip:
As you’d think… it’s a large dip where the marble rolls down into a deep trough and then rolls back up the other side. Very fun to watch as the marble speeds up for the dip and then slows down when it rolls up the other side
See VIDEO Here

Ferris Wheel Lift:
This large, complicated element has several marbles roll around the outside of a large rotating circle. Their weight turns the circle. Inside the circle is another marble that gets lifted by their weight onto its own personal track. After this marble rolls on that track it returns, waiting for another group of marbles to lift it again. Combines with multi-ball tipping arm collector.

Multiple Ball Tipping arm ball collector:
This tipping arm one can collect 1, 2, 3 or 4 marbles (or more!) to roll together in a train chasing each other down the tracks. Not suitable with all elements – but is quite fun to watch the marbles roll together
See VIDEO Here

Free Spinning Tipping Arm:
A fun tipping arm that keeps spinning/twirling once it releases the marble it has captured. A great way to add some extra movement to your RBS. This element requires some extra timing, to allow it to return to its resting position, and cannot be used on every piece
See VIDEO Here

Large Flat Spiral:
This very large spiral has narrower winds for more of a gravity well action. Can easily merge several tracks into one as they fall through the center.

See Video Here

Very Large Spinner:
The ball hits the end of the long spinner and makes it rotate around and around. Settling back into place, the spinner waits to be spun around again.

See Video Here

Tall Skinny Spiral:
A very tight coil stretched as long as you like. The ball spins around very fast from top to bottom. Can be very short up to very long, curved or straight, these spirals are very versatile.

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