Not the best video… but don’t let that stop you from appreciating this great wall mounted Rolling Ball Sculpture. Using 1-1/2″ miniature billiard balls this RBS has four different tracks. See two different loop d’ loops one with 7 inversions that exits into a stationary ball, trading places with that ball every time. The second loop starts large and gets smaller as the loops get concentrically smaller and exits with a nice backspin that slows the ball down considerably. There’s a ball collecting tipping arm with a fun, fast track that traverses back and forth the entire frame, three different flat spirals and three track splitters. A tall skinny coil, horizontal zig-zag track, a nice dip in the track and a free-spinning tipping arm. All of these tracks are fed by the chain lift.
Lots of frenetic action on this one!

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

Rolling ball sculpture AKA:
Marble machine. Ball Run. Ball Roller coaster. Ball machine. Marble roller coaster. Rolling ball machine. Rolling ball structure. Marble run art. Kinetic marble sculpture. Custom marble run.

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