Despite this tabletop RBS looking like it’s hanging on the wall… it’s a tabletop. I have started to build a full frame around every RBS I make and that makes it easy to display them on the wall, or with the legs they have, stand on a table.
This fun RBS has four tracks. Two of those tracks are loop d’ loop tracks. Track three is a tall skinny coil. Track four is the long track and has a ball collecting tipping arm which releases with 1, 2 or three marbles depending on how many marbles are in the counter-weight basket. After being released from the ball collector they roll into the regular tipping arm which separates the marbles for the horizontal zig-zag. If the marbles roll to close together in the zig-zag they hit each other and stop. All four tracks collect into the large plate to be led back into the helical lift.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

Rolling ball sculpture AKA:
Marble machine. Ball Run. Ball Roller coaster. Ball machine. Marble roller coaster. Rolling ball machine. Rolling ball structure. Marble run art. Kinetic marble sculpture. Custom marble run.

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