“Child’s Play”

So much going on with this floor standing Rolling Ball Sculpture! With 5 different tracks there is a lot of possibilities for amazing rolling ball fun. The track splitter is unique – not one that I do very often. This track splitter takes one track and splits it into 5 all by itself. 1st ball goes to track one, 2nd ball goes to track two and so on until track 5. When the ball gets to track 5 the splitter resets to the next ball gets directed into track 1 and repeats the process.
There are 2 loop d’ loop tracks. These loops have a ball collector that feeds them – when the two balls are released, they are side by side and each ball goes to its own loop – so that they run at the same time. It’s fun to watch them go at the same time – racing to the bottom side by side each on its own track.
Track three would be the full length tall vertical zig-zag.
Track 4 has a ball collecting tipping arm. The 4 balls that are released speed directly into the “Ferris wheel” ball lift. The 4 balls roll around the outside of a large wheel, turning the wheel with their weight. The turning wheel has pickups on the inside that lift a lone ball onto its very own track. This track is a flat spiral. Once it spins around the spiral and returns the Ferris wheel, it waits for the next 4 balls to spin the wheel and raise it up again. Now, those 4 balls once they leave the wheel roll into a tall coil. As they exit the coil they are going fast and are directed up a hill – and they don’t always make up this hill. When they don’t they roll back and fall out a special exit that leads them to the collector plate, as a short cut. When they do make the uphill they roll through and extend zig-zag and return to the lift.
The last track number 5 is the true long track and traverses the entire RBS with several flat plates. First there’s a ball collecting tipping arm that releases with 5 marbles. These marbles roll together but can trade positions when they roll into the flat plates and mix it up.
The tracks all merge together into a large flat spiral. Dropping through the center they line up back at the chain lift for another trip back up to the top and another trip down the tracks.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

Rolling ball sculpture AKA:
Marble machine. Ball Run. Ball Roller coaster. Ball machine. Marble roller coaster. Rolling ball machine. Rolling ball structure. Marble run art. Kinetic marble sculpture. Custom marble run.

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