Freddie’s Floor Standing RBS

I built this fantastic floor standing RBS for a great, funny, gentleman named Freddie. He requested a helical lift and up to this point I had not made one for quite some time. I made up the frame, added the helical lift, made the track splitters and then built all of the tracks. Loop d’ loops, of course. A tall skinny coil, a ball collecting tipping arm, a spinner, flat spiral, horizontal zig-zag track, “balls on track”, lots of dips and curves in the tracks and my favorite the Teeter Totter ball exchange. All of the 4 tracks merge together into the flat plate on the bottom left. To keep it quieter, the flat plate is covered in a bit of leather to deaden the sounds of the marbles rolling on it. Really, some great movement on this one.
When I finished, Freddie told me that he was having a problem finding a table to display this RBS – which is when he asked me to build a table for it to sit on. Not having ever made a stand for my rolling ball sculpture before, I naturally said I could build one for him. It is very first stand I’ve ever built. Honestly, I really adds that final touch to the RBS – and since I’ve used the same size rod for the stand that I used in the frame of the RBS, it looks really good with the rolling ball sculpture atop it.

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

Rolling ball sculpture AKA:
Marble machine. Ball Run. Ball Roller coaster. Ball machine. Marble roller coaster. Rolling ball machine. Rolling ball structure. Marble run art. Kinetic marble sculpture. Custom marble run.

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