Other Kinetic Art for the ultimate win

While I like to make rolling ball sculpture – it is not the only thing that I build. Check out some of the other kinetic art I’ve made below.

handmade clock face, other kinetic art
Steampunk Rolling Ball Sculpture
crawling chain, other kinetic art

My favorite kinetic art that I’ve made is the “Crawling Chain”. This one thing has been a dream of mine to build since I first saw it on YouTube 14 years ago. Arthur Ganson originally built this and called it “Machine with roller Chain” and ever since watching that video, I have often thought of it, and wanted to make one of my own. So, I did! And it is exactly as endlessly fun to stare at, and play with, as I thought it would be 😀 Check it out:

Below are these indoor gates I made… not really “other kinetic art” – but it does move and they’re extremely useful (welding for the ultimate win!). These two gates I made for inside my house. I live in an old house (Built 1875!), and it has 4 equal rooms (+bathroom). One room has a wood fireplace, the only source of non-electric heat. I also have dogs. So, to keep the dogs contained in two of the rooms but still allow air and warmth to circulate around the house, I made these two gates. The first one is plain, with a low cat door, labeled for their easy identification. The second one is much better. Nearly halfway through I abandoned the cat door I was going to add into the square at the lower right and decided go artsy, and interactive. The flat spiral doesn’t work, it’s too flat. So, I used it to cover up the square hole with the cool looking spiral. Then I added the tighter, vertical spiral I’ve had hanging around for more than a year to give it an interactive feature. Place the ball on the track at the top, watch it roll and spin down the spiral, then jump out the end – be quick – catch it if you can!
Pics below… coming very soon.

Personalization’s! Where I’ve taken an image, printed it out on paper, and then copied it line for line with metal until you get the finished product. Seen below are images placed on an RBS headed to a coffee shop. Family, Coffee, Love everything you need in life. The stick figure family on the left took me about 9 hours to complete. Backed in black so they stand out well at a distance.