Rolling ball sculpture Haiku for You

Some rolling ball sculpture haiku for your enjoyment.
Do you like writing haiku? Send them to me and I’ll post them here with your name.

Unfamiliar with Haiku? This is what it is: a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Or with these examples below… the Rolling Ball Sculpture world.

  1. Pulled By Gravity
    A Ball in Motion Rolls by
    Rolling Ball Sculpture
  2. Balls at the Ready
    See the Roller Coaster Go
    The Marbles Don’t Scream
    (Rod M. – Sacramento)
  3. Rolling by on Rails
    Ball in Motion Spinning Orb
    Sculpture is Alive
  4. Rolling Ball Sculpture
    A Marble Rolls on Two Rails
    Fun Rhythmic Art Form
  5. Roll the Ball Down Yes
    It Slides Along the Track Dude
    Fun is Seen by All
    (Rod M. – Sacramento)
  6. The Glass Marble Spins
    The Steel Holds Them up Above
    Gravity Pulls Down
  7. Special. Magical.
    Handmade and One of a Kind
    Each one is Unique
  8. Rolling Ball Sculpture
    Gravity is all you need
    perpetual? no.
  9. Kinetic Art Form
    Things that move are kinetic
    Watch the ball roll away
  10. Don’t fret it’s welded
    Permanent and durable
    Just don’t be dropping
  11. R. B. S. for you
    You need sculpture in your life
    Kinematic art
  12. Life as a marble
    Travel on a track with ease
    Fast. Slow. Around. Go!
  13. The metal sphere rolls
    It’s journey a work of art
    Inertia’s ballet
  14. Rolling down the slope
    The ball dances with such ease
    Nature’s grace on show
  15. With gentle roll and glide
    The ball’s path tells a story
    Of balance and flow
  16. Rolling, tumbling, down
    Through curves, twists, turns, it flows
    A dance with no end
  17. The ball is set free
    It rolls down the twisting course
    In perfect harmony

Rolling Ball Sculpture Haiku… for you